PNC Championship

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Vijay Singh

Qass Singh

Press Conference

MODERATOR: We welcome Vijay and Qass Singh into the interview room, our defending champions at the PNC Championship. Vijay, we'll start with you. Welcome back. If we can get you to take us back on what it meant to you to win with Qass last year.

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, we've been trying for so long, and there was nervous moments all these years that I've played over here. I mean, you know, won quite a lot of tournaments, but winning last year was probably one of my favorite ones to win because playing with Qass and trying for so long.

And it's just a week that I get to spend time with him not only just having dinner, but the whole week is with him. And to play and then to win with him was probably, you know, one of my highlights of my career.

MODERATOR: And, Qass, talk about winning with your dad last year and then also the state of your game coming into this week.

QASS SINGH: Basically ditto of what Dad just said. I get to spend the whole week with him. It's a great week. I love hanging out with my dad.

And the game is pretty good, you know. I practiced a lot with my caddie this week, Lewis. We're best friends, so we play every day leading up to this.

So feeling good.

MODERATOR: We'll open it up to questions.

Q. What does it mean to you, this week, spending so much time together, around the holiday season? What does this tournament mean to you guys, and why is it so special?

VIJAY SINGH: Well, I mean, again, you know, playing with him not only just -- you know, we can go out and have a round of golf at my home course, but being here, getting up together, walking out together, having lunch, practicing, and just the whole week, and -- I don't think he wants to spend too much time with me (chuckling)...

QASS SINGH: That's not true. That's not true.

VIJAY SINGH: No, day to day, five days in a row, six days, I mean, but just it's great. It's a forced -- kind of forced to be together, but, you know, we've been doing it for 16-odd years and with this week --

QASS SINGH: Forced is the wrong word. We get to be together.

VIJAY SINGH: (Chuckling.) And, you know, we get used to it and we know what to do. Like the last few years we know we're going to spend time, and we enjoy ourselves a little bit more.

This year, I must say, his game is probably the best I've seen him relaxed-wise. He's swinging the club well, and probably just the pressure of winning it last year took a lot of pressure away.

But we are a lot more comfortable this year than I think we've been before. I think that's the big thing. And I'm enjoying this week more than I've done in the past. So it's great.

QASS SINGH: What else do I have to say? I mean, yeah, it's fun. You know, definitely relaxed. I always just look forward to this time of year.

So winning it last year with my dad was super special, and being here with him this year is super special.

So I couldn't ask for more.

Q. The wind is really whipping out there. It's really strong with the strong wind gusts. What was it like playing in those conditions today?

QASS SINGH: It wasn't easy. Just keep it low. There are some holes that are pretty dead into the wind. Some holes, the wind swirls. But it's just windy golf, just like any other golf course with wind.

VIJAY SINGH: And it's a scramble format, so you can get one guy to hit the fairway, and then if he hits the fairway you can be aggressive with it.

There's a lot of holes that are crosswind to deal with. But I think the course is not that long, and it's soft so it doesn't run off to crazy places.

I think everybody is going to have some kind of problem dealing with the wind if it gusts a lot. But I think we'll be okay.

Q. As defending champions, any words of wisdom you share with your son about going out there and maybe doing it again or the pressure and expectations of defending your title?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, you know, I feel a lot more comfortable, like I said, this year, than I've ever done before. Not because I'm any better, but I think he's playing a lot more better. He's playing a lot -- he's playing a game of golf that, you know, I would have loved him to do years ago. He's hitting the ball a lot straighter and longer. And so it makes me a lot more relaxed. And when I'm relaxed, I can go out and play a lot better.

So, you know, I have -- I think we're going to do well. I don't know if we're going to win, I hope we win, but I think we're going to be in contention come Sunday.

Q. Qass, you played this so many years, what kind of -- it's only once a year, but what kind of maybe measuring stick was this event in measuring the progress of your own game as you went from year to year to year?

QASS SINGH: You know, the older I get, the more relaxed I get, obviously. You know, in my younger years, I was, you know, very nervous and I wanted to do really, really well.

But now, it's like my dad said, I'm way more relaxed than I ever was. So I just try to keep the expectation out of my head and just kind of play my game and have fun with my dad and also compete.

Q. Vijay, as a dad, watching him progress, what were kind of your observations? And then also you play any event for so long, you really want to win. Were there any frustrating years where you came close and maybe you wonder if it's going to happen?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, there have been -- we finished everything else but first until last year. So, I mean, there was a lot of frustrations. The year before I thought we were in great shape and then came down the leaderboard and we had to make an eagle to win or to tie.

I mean, so, you know, there's not enough leaderboards, there's not enough scoring out there that we know where we stand. I think they fixed that this year a little bit.

And his game, you know, it's like I said, I mean, he's playing better now. And I wish he had that relaxed feeling a few years ago. He could have probably pursued a professional career as a golfer. But it's hard. But seeing him relax now, I mean, and enjoying the game more than forcing himself to play well is comfortable.

So it's comforting for me to be out there with him instead of hoping he doesn't miss a shot, you know what I mean? So right now he's playing good and makes me relax as well.

Q. As you finished last year, was it more excitement or "Finally"?

VIJAY SINGH: (Chuckles.)

QASS SINGH: Probably both.

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I mean, we didn't even know where we stood, you know, coming down the last hole. And then when we came and we saw the leaderboard, we said, oh, wow, we make a birdie, we win the tournament.

So, you know, I don't know if we -- I think we hit the green on two, didn't we, last year?


VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, we hit the green on two, and I left myself a really long putt, you know, for a birdie. But we made that. And once we did that, it was, yeah, finally, you know. That was -- that was the feeling when we made that, yeah. So it was good.

Q. What did you guys do with the (off microphone)?

VIJAY SINGH: It's somewhere, I guess.

QASS SINGH: We slept with him, shower with him.

VIJAY SINGH: We didn't wear it around, put it this way.

QASS SINGH: They're at the house.

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, it's at the house. It's somewhere.

Q. What are you doing for work these days?

QASS SINGH: I'm in the insurance business, and I also own a company with my caddie.

MODERATOR: Thank you for your time.

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