PNC Championship

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

David Duval

Brady Duval

Press Conference

Q. You played nicely and you had a German group behind you that made every putt. Is that all you can do.

DAVID DUVAL: It's about all. I mean, yeah, heard that -- I think they were 10-under par; that's just steamrolling people. That's hats off, excellent golf. We played well. It's difficult; you have to make the putts because it's difficult to get it inside of 12, 15 feet in this wind.

Q. Did the ball roll out quite a bit today?

DAVID DUVAL: Not in the fairways.

Q. What was that like?

DAVID DUVAL: It was muck.

Q. Was it pretty mucky?

DAVID DUVAL: It was muck. It was difficult. You had to get perfectly clean contact. If you got the lead into the ground at all, you just fatted it. But really with everything they were talking about on Thursday, Friday, I mean, what a blessing to get in 36 holes and conduct a proper championship.

Q. Wondering what this event has come to mean to your family over the years.

BRADY DUVAL: This is by far the best week of the year, this is the week that you're just hoping for that invite every single year. I'm very thankful to have the invite and I'm thankful for everybody here. It was an absolute blast out there. If we got it a little closer on a few holes and gave ourselves a couple better chances, we would have had a pretty good chance at winning this year.

Q. What was why are best shot this week?

DAVID DUVAL: Well, obviously --

BRADY DUVAL: The last hole.

DAVID DUVAL: It's the best golfing week of the year. You're on pins and needles come -- once August kind of rolls around, hoping to see that e-mail from Alastair with the invite. I think certainly with the majority of folks who play at our age, it's the most coveted invite in golf, as well, and I think as you could argue, it's the hardest field to get into.

To be asked to come back and participate, it's a dream come true every year it happens.

Q. If I could just ask, what have you learned about your dad playing alongside him inside the ropes?

BRADY DUVAL: He just showed me how good he is. He was making pretty much most of the putts. He's just rolling it, and I'm really glad to see it again. He's getting a lot more comfortable on the golf course, and as we were playing, he was teaching me a few things, like for example, stepping up to the putt while auto another person's putting. Just giving a quick look and stepping off and then going from there.

Q. What did you hit on 18? Tell me about that shot. It was pretty spectacular?

BRADY DUVAL: It was I think 205. Little draw 6-iron. We needed it to go in but I'll take it. I'll take it.

Q. What are you seeing out of his game, and where is -- what are you doing? Where are you playing and what goals do you have in the sport?

BRADY DUVAL: Just keep going with playing -- start playing good and start rolling it a little bit better with my putter, and then I'm down in Coastal Carolina playing golf down there. I'm a freshman there. Looking forward to the spring season and putting up some numbers there.

Q. What do you see in his game?

DAVID DUVAL: More than anything, I've swung a golf club a certain way all my life and there's a reason, and that's all I've taught him. It's all our teacher now teaches him now, too, and there's a reason for it. Because it makes it easier. You don't have to pound balls all the time. You don't have to work on timing. Somebody told him last year that -- slow down a little bit. The way I tell him to swing a club, if you're doing it right, speed up. It's only going to go straighter and further.

So it's just monitoring those little things. He spent, what, 12 years now doing it. If you monitor these little things that keep you right in that area, success is not far away, and you know, the biggest thing in golf is watching your dispersion patterns and being able to play the shots that you don't hit quite right.

And so it's just paying attention to that moving forward that makes a cone of whatever angle you want to call that that comes to this and now you can play golf. It's the ones, the foul balls that you can't play, you can't recover from, and monitoring what we're working on, I've always worked on, it's hard to hit foul balls.

Q. Purely curious here. There was a time probably 20, 25 years ago that your dad once said that he didn't carry a lob-wedge, a 60-degree wedge because it would text him to hit shots he had no business hitting. Curious if you had ever heard that story.

BRADY DUVAL: I've actually considered trying a 60-degree. He's like, no point having it because if you need a 60-degree, probably shouldn't be hitting the shot.

DAVID DUVAL: There's a lot of truth to it, isn't there, Doug. No. You may not have one.

Q. Who is your instructor besides your dad?

BRADY DUVAL: Shane LeBaron. He's down in Colorado. I've worked with him for the past few years. He's helped me out a lot.

Q. How do you as a dad get that balance in terms of getting someone else to come in and look at his swing versus you taking charge?

DAVID DUVAL: Right. Well, everything he tells him is everything I've told him, and it's everything that's been told to Shane and everything that's been told to me perfect Jim Hardy to Chris O'Connell to Shane LeBaron. It's all the stuff I've told him. It's about how things are supposed to move and why.

I actually ran into Peter Jacobsen on Friday, was it Friday?

BRADY DUVAL: I think so.

DAVID DUVAL: Before the Pro-Am. He was my big brother before I started playing. I was like, can you do me a favor. I'm trying to explain and get him to do something at the top. Is there some way you can say it that he might understand better, you know. And he came out and spent five, seven minutes with him, and the way he said it, he understood it better. Because we're saying the same thing, but you sometimes have to say it in six or seven ways until the person, the individual understands it.

Q. I may have missed this. What are you majoring in?

BRADY DUVAL: I'm going to do sports management. I did computer science this fall semester but I'm going to change to sports management.

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