PNC Championship

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Izzy Stricker

Press Conference

Q. So what was it like out there?

IZZY STRICKER: I told my parents and my sister, my whole family at the beginning of the week, the two people I want to play with most are Nelly and Tiger. Nelly was set up, but Tiger was by chance. When we saw that last night, I was so excited.

It was definitely nerve-wracking on the first tee but I got comfortable. I've met Tiger before, so to get to talk to him and Charlie, I haven't seen him in a long time, it was really cool and something I'll never forget.

Q. When did you first meet Tiger?

IZZY STRICKER: I was really little. The experience I remember with him and his kids were the Masters Par-3 Contest. We played with them one year. I was young. Both his kids were young. But that's the last time I remember.

Q. So what's been your overall take away of this experience? What has it meant to you?

IZZY STRICKER: Personally, I proved a lot to myself. I mean, the most high-stakes tournament I've played in was state high school, and to come here and to still perform well, I thought I did -- it meant a lot to me personally, and to be here with my family was really cool.

Q. Did you and Charlie talk about anything out there?

IZZY STRICKER: Briefly. We were both really dialed. Not much came out of our mouths. But I talked to him a little about junior golf and got to talk to him a little, and his sister, Sam. It was fun.

Q. And obviously you play with your dad all the time but just curious, did you pick up anything different playing with him in competition around here?

IZZY STRICKER: You know, I've been inside the ropes with him before at the PGA when I caddied for him. So I think talking about shots with him, like that I'm going to hit as well, was different.

But I've seen him inside the ropes before and I practice with him all the time and I play with him, so not a ton different. But I think strategizing together was a new perspective.

Q. Your favorite shot that Tiger hit today?

IZZY STRICKER: I mean, he hit every one good. His wedges are really nice. I think I was most impressed by that. But obviously he's Tiger Woods. He plays good everywhere.

Q. What's next for you?

IZZY STRICKER: You know, I don't have a spring schedule. Right now is kind of my off-season. I think I'll start back up in January or February. Play something down here in Florida. And then I have a summer schedule back at home in Wisconsin.

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