U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Maddison Hinson-Tolchard

Quick Quotes

Q. 2-under 71; just talk me through the round. What was working well for you today?

MADDISON HINSON-TOLCHARD: My ball-striking, even yesterday, was really, really good, so I've got a lot of trust and confidence in that. I sank a couple of good putts coming in and put some shots really close, like I nearly had a hole-in-one again on 9. I put it to like a half a foot, so that definitely helps the last two days. But just steady. Nothing crazy. Just putting it in the right part of the green and really thinking it through with dad, so it's been working really well.

Q. What were the conditions like today compared to yesterday?

MADDISON HINSON-TOLCHARD: I feel like it was a little bit tougher. A lot of the pins were sort of tucked away in corners a bit more. You had to work with the slopes a little bit, which we didn't really have yesterday. But it was definitely a lot cooler, so the ball wasn't flying as far, as well, so you had to take that into account. But yeah, I think it was a little bit tougher today but still scorable.

Q. What do you think of Chambers? Is this your first time here?

MADDISON HINSON-TOLCHARD: Yeah, it's a pretty wicked place to be honest. You can't get over the view. You just look out and you're amazed by it. But yeah, it's a cool place. I'm really enjoying playing around it.

Q. You made match play last year; do you feel more confident heading into match play this year, maybe having a little bit more experience?

MADDISON HINSON-TOLCHARD: Yeah, definitely. Last year I came up against a fellow Aussie in Emily Mahar, so that was a tough match having to go up against her, and we went down 18 holes last year in 64. I mean, we'll see what happens and who I get paired against, but definitely a lot of confidence in my game, so I think I'm going to go pretty good.

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