U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Casey Weidenfeld

Quick Quotes

Q. You got into the Tiger bunker?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Yes. Not a fun time.

Q. Tell me about your round today compared to yesterday. Obviously you played in the morning today. How were the conditions different and how did your game feel different?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Well, it was definitely cooler out there morning, so it definitely affected the ball flight and distances. I felt like my irons weren't as sharp as they were yesterday and same with my lag putting. Definitely had a lot of testers the first four or five holes that I didn't really need to have testers on. Not as solid as yesterday, but I'm pretty proud of how I played.

Q. Before the afternoon wave finishes you're tied for the lead for medalist with two other players. Your approach in stroke play, obviously you want to play well, but do you care about seeding? Do you care about medalist?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: I personally don't really care about seeding. I've been in a number of match play tournaments, and honestly I find seeding is -- you just don't know what you're going to get in match play, so obviously you want to play well, but I'll just see where the cards lie and stuff.

Q. How would you characterize how this course suits your game and sort of your overall impressions through two competitive rounds?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Yeah, so my driver has been really good, and it helps that these fairways are a little wider, so there's a little bit more wiggle room. I feel like with my irons I don't mind going and using the slopes of the greens, so I think that really suits my eye.

Q. Are there some holes that particularly stand out as ones that really suit your eye or ones you really like?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: I don't think so. I don't really have a particular hole. I just like the whole course.

Q. Going into match play, it's almost a new championship starting fresh. What's your approach in match play when you're playing one-on-one against somebody else?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: I'm definitely going to be more aggressive in match play. I've always been kind of gunning for the pins in match play. It's a strategy that works for me, so I'll definitely be doing that.

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