U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Alice Ziyi Zhao

Quick Quotes

Q. Another impressive round today; just talk me through what was working for you out there.

ALICE ZIYI ZHAO: I had a couple of mistakes, but otherwise I played pretty solid today. I think I missed two short birdie putts. I think it was probably like a downhill putt, so I think I might have hit it too hard.

Q. Right now you're in at 10-under after the first two rounds of stroke play. You're in line possibly for medalist for the U.S. Women's Amateur going into match play. Are you excited with where you're at right now? Did you expect to be in this position coming in?

ALICE ZIYI ZHAO: No, I just try to play my best, and going into match play, I really like match play, so hopefully I can put together another couple good rounds.

Q. What's the plan for the rest of the night?

ALICE ZIYI ZHAO: I'm probably going to go home after, if I get co-medalist, and get some rest because I think the tee times are early tomorrow, right? So I'm just going to get some rest.

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