U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Julia Misemer

Quick Quotes

Q. Let's start with today. You started with the playoff, getting in on a playoff. Walk me through that.

JULIA MISEMER: Yeah, so I know I actually started with the playoff last night, and I three-putted from about five feet to have to continue in the playoff. Then we played one more hole, and there was three of us left, so coming back this morning I really just had the mindset that it was mine. It was mine to have. I had a lot of confidence going into that hole that, yeah, I felt good the whole way.

Q. Do you think it gave you an advantage to have that warmup this morning going into the match against Latanna?

JULIA MISEMER: Yeah, I think that it definitely was nice to get a little warmed up on the course. It did rain in between when I was out there earlier and we got out to play, but it definitely was nice to get out there and hit a couple practice shots, I guess you could say.

Q. Were you intimidated at all going against the 1 seed, or how were your thoughts going into the match?

JULIA MISEMER: Honestly I wouldn't say it was intimidated because we're all at such a high level, I feel like it's really anyone's game. But there definitely is like a stigma around 1 seed versus 64 seed. I kind of got that coin on the first tee that was 64, and I was like, I want to always remember this as a good thing.

Q. You played off that upset vibe and the 64 kind of beats the 1 seed every once in a while.

JULIA MISEMER: Yeah, I just tried to relax.

Q. I want to get into the match now. I think it was the second and third holes that you got off to a big start. Walk me through those.

JULIA MISEMER: Yeah, so I have been struggling with my putting all week, and before my round I had a friend actually just look at it, and she told me to just put the ball way forward and just shove it up there. I just started doing that, and that gave me the confidence to make like a 10-foot putt, which I have not been able to do this week. Yeah, definitely my putting, feeling better on the putting green, gave me confidence to feel relaxed hitting an iron shot into the green.

Q. What were you thinking when she tied it back up around the turn?

JULIA MISEMER: Yeah, I was still pretty confident. On 8, she holed out to tie it up, and it was a really good shot. I just was still feeling good. I was feeling the same as I felt in the morning. I knew I had been there before and gotten to 2-up, so I knew I could do it again.

Q. What happened on 12, the eagle?

JULIA MISEMER: Yeah, so I was just trying to debate where to hit my drive, and I decided to just go right at the pin. I hit it right at the pin like 10 to 12 feet, and that's another occasion where that little putting practice before my round definitely paid off.

Q. The last couple holes she won one on 16 and then it went to 17. Tell me how it ended there on 17.

JULIA MISEMER: It was good. Yeah, I had played 17 yesterday evening, and I felt really good about it. It's definitely one of my favorite holes to play out here. Honestly, I really didn't want to play hole 18 because she had, I think, won all the par-5s except for maybe one, if not all of them. I was really hoping to just get it over with on 17.

My thoughts were just -- after I saw her shot, just get par, and that should get it done.

Q. Three rounds through at Chambers Bay so far. What are your thoughts on the course and how was it today?

JULIA MISEMER: It's just amazing. I really liked getting some of the cold air today. The first tee we got a little bit of sprinkling when we were out there. Today it poured when we weren't on the course, but I feel like we've gotten all of the -- some of the Chambers Bay elements now, which I feel like is kind of fun.

Q. Probably a little cooler than it would be in Overland Park today.


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