U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Catherine Rao

Quick Quotes

Q. What was going through your head going to 18 there after losing your lead?

CATHERINE RAO: Honestly, I knew that the only reason I played bad the last couple holes was because my back was hurting, so I was just thinking to myself, it's one more hole, just turn through everything here, you'll be okay. I just really tried to power through.

Q. I saw the approach there, how close you put it. How far out for you?

CATHERINE RAO: I was 86 yards out, played a 92 shot.

Q. How far would you say the putt was?

CATHERINE RAO: Four or five feet. It's kind of a blur.

Q. How were you able to build your lead early on? How did the beginning of the round go?

CATHERINE RAO: I went and saw the chiro halfway through the round. That really helped. My back was already tightening up on the front nine. Got loosened up once we started the back, felt really good. Felt like I could make good swings at it, play aggressive. The par-4, the drivable one, I think it was hole 13 --

Q. Maybe 12 or 13?

CATHERINE RAO: Yeah, 12, that hole gave me a nice confidence boost with my eagle there going in and another birdie.

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