U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Thursday, August 11, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Annabel Wilson

Quick Quotes

Q. So you're on to the quarterfinals; long day of golf today. Just talk me through this last match and getting the win.

ANNABEL WILSON: Yeah, I think it was definitely a day of -- like from the start, we had to stop through 4, and I think what went well for me today was I was able to keep my composure. When we had to restart, I was able to pick up where I started off, and that kept the momentum going first match play round today, and then this afternoon again started off well, and she had some good holes and went back to all square, but I was able to keep my composure and not let it faze me. I was able to play the last four holes really well to get it done.

Q. When you're playing in a match like that, when you get off to a lead like that and then you lose it and then it's kind of up and down, what is that like?

ANNABEL WILSON: I've played a lot of match play. We play a lot with Golf Ireland, and I think what I've learnt over the years is match play is all swinging momentum, and you can't let it get to you. At the end of the day you've just got to play your game and you have to play well to win. Yeah, so whatever the swing is, just keep plodding along and it will swing your way eventually.

Q. You've done really well in your three matches. You haven't reached the 17th hole quite yet.


Q. How much confidence does that give you heading to the quarterfinals just knowing that you've done a good job wrapping up matches early?

ANNABEL WILSON: Yeah, I think that and then the way I'm playing, as well, compared to the stroke play, I'm playing the par-5s better, which has set me up well throughout the round. That's given me a lot of confidence.

I like how I'm striking it. Then I'm rolling the putts in. So I'm confident in my game. Yeah, so keep continuing on.

Q. Are you reaching more par-5s in two?

ANNABEL WILSON: I think -- not because the tees are up -- well, one was up today, but yeah, I am getting up to the front of the green definitely. Then with this heat this afternoon, I had a few irons in, which was nice.

Q. How does it feel to be a quarterfinalist in the U.S. Am?

ANNABEL WILSON: Well, I'm not too sure just yet, but I'm just delighted to be here. I remember when I arrived in this state, I'm just delighted to be here. I don't really dwell on what's happening. I'm just delighted to be here. It's such an amazing tournament.

Q. What are your thoughts on Chambers Bay? I'm assuming this is your first time here?

ANNABEL WILSON: Yes, first time here. I watched the U.S. Open and I watched the highlights before I came. I'm from Ireland, and we have a lot of links play, and it's certainly very linksey. I'm used to that, which is nice.

When I played the practice round, it kind of suited my eye, so it felt good.

Q. What do you expect out of the course tomorrow?

ANNABEL WILSON: Honestly, they're throwing everything at us. They're moving tees. They're moving tees between the 18 holes. I'm just going to do some prep tonight and in the morning and play the course again.

I think the weather depending, I think it will be nice, but just do some prep and get after it again tomorrow.

Q. A long week like this, 36 holes today after 18 holes the last three holes, what do you do to stay sharp?

ANNABEL WILSON: Honestly, I didn't have the greatest prep. I arrived Saturday, and eight-hour time difference. But I think I'm just excited, which is keeping me mentally sharp. As well, I've always abided by you can't be too emotional on the golf course because you'll drain yourself. Like physically, yes, I've done this before, it's fine, but emotionally you can drain yourself out there, so just be pretty neutral, not too happy, not too sad, and you'll get through the whole week.

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