U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Friday, August 12, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Annabel Wilson

Quick Quotes

Q. Do you think this match was the toughest match so far do you think?

ANNABEL WILSON: Definitely. Just with the conditions and she actually played great golf, and yeah, one of the toughest matches so far, yes.

Q. How much does this remind you of the courses you play at home?

ANNABEL WILSON: It does. When I came here, it's definitely a links golf course. Some differences, but I'm used to playing the links golf, firm grass, deep bunkers. It is, it's similar to home.

Q. No one from Ireland has made it to the quarterfinals since 1980. What's it mean to you to be breaking this kind of ground?

ANNABEL WILSON: Yeah, just learning that stat like five minutes ago, I had no idea. I know the lady who's made it to the quarterfinals, she's a great golfer, so I'm just happy to be here, and I'm having a great week.

Q. Did you see this coming? Were you confident coming in?

ANNABEL WILSON: Yeah, I did a lot of prep over the summer, and I came into the week probably hitting it the best I've hit it in a while. I felt like I had a good week coming, and I'm just having fun, hitting some nice golf shots, holing some good putts. Having fun out there, which is nice.

Q. Are you back at UCLA next year?

ANNABEL WILSON: Yes, I return after the tournament. Yeah, back to the grind.

Q. When does that season start?

ANNABEL WILSON: So doesn't start until first week of September, so we've got qualifying and then we go into our fall season.

Q. How much of a factor was the wind today?

ANNABEL WILSON: Oh, huge. It really was. It's the first time I've ever played this course in the wind, and it really picked up the back nine. You're coming in usually with short clubs, but it's a two-club wind, and with the danger around the green, it becomes a completely different strategy. I had to adapt, and I did that well out there.

Q. With how narrow that green is on 16, you and Keith had some nice dialogue before that approach shot. Talk about that.

ANNABEL WILSON: Yeah, so one thing I have a tendency to do is hit the club and hit it hard. I know in the wind that's just going to spin up and you have no control. We chatted a bit, and he mentioned that the 8 is never getting to the back, and if it does carry a bit you've got that back slope and that's going to help you, so just commit to that. Yeah, it's great to have Keith in my ear. He's helped me a lot out here.

Q. The tee shot on 17, did you mean to play it like that?

ANNABEL WILSON: I wanted to play it off the left. Again, the wind just took it. But I had a good target, and the target -- it was good that we relied for that wind to pull it over. So a bit of fortune, but also a good target. If I went any further left, I was in the bunker.

Q. Are you getting some texts from some of the former GB&I teammates about the run you're making?

ANNABEL WILSON: Yeah, some of my Irish teammates are saying, well done, keep going, which is nice, family members, team members at UCLA. Yeah, the support is nice, and I just hope that I'm doing my bit and doing them proud.

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