U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Friday, August 12, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Bailey Shoemaker

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk about your putting because on TV it looks absolutely great and everyone is talking about it. Is that your biggest strength?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: Yeah, for sure I would say. We work on putting the most. I'd like to say I'm a confident player, and putting just builds confidence. I didn't have it today, but hopefully it's there tomorrow.

Q. What kind of advantage does that give you knowing you have that in your back pocket on every hole?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: Especially in match play, I feel like it's always important, and when you start rolling in some putts, it gets hard for whoever you're playing to match that.

Q. Maybe not the game you had yesterday, but how good is it to still get a win maybe when you aren't playing your best?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: Yeah, pars are your friend, especially on a day like this with tough conditions. The wind was up, greens were faster, too, for sure. Par is your friend, and it was good to be able to just get by and know that my irons are still good and my putting stroke is still fine. I know I'm still confident.

Q. Obviously a long week, but you get to know the course better and better each day. What have you learned about it?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: Where the pockets are, and that's super important. The first day I really shot myself in the foot, and every day before the round I mark pins exactly where they are in my greens book so I don't have to mess around looking at it. Knowing where the pockets are before every shot really helps you so that way you know where your miss is or how close you can get it and pins you can't go at.

Q. You are four or four at making cuts at USGA events this summer. How have the first three maybe helped this week?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: I was a little bit stressed, I'm not going to lie. Maybe that partially was from the 4-over the first round, but I feel like it's pretty hard to do, especially as a kid in high school. Yeah, I mean, just really blessed to have the opportunity to. It gave me some confidence, though, for sure.

Q. You'll be playing Saki; do you know anything about her? Have you played with her before?

BAILEY SHOEMAKER: I know she's very good and has an extremely good short game. Tied at the Open, so...

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