U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Friday, August 12, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Monet Chun

Quick Quotes

Q. You make the bunker shot and you have a chance to win on 18 --

MONET CHUN: Honestly, no, not really. That was a pretty exciting last couple holes there, and it was definitely intense.

Q. When you miss the birdie putt on 18 how do you get yourself back into a good frame of mind?

MONET CHUN: I mean, it was a close putt. I think I hit it pretty well, so it didn't really cut any momentum off. I was just keeping it going and then trying to make as many putts into the next coming holes.

Q. How much has it helped you win the Canadian Amateur going through that process? Do you think that's helped you with this experience?

MONET CHUN: I think so. I think being able to win is definitely experience, as well, so coming out here and playing these match play events, that experience definitely helped me a little bit.

Q. You carried your own bag until today?

MONET CHUN: I pushed, but yes. Or until I guess yesterday.

Q. What caused the change?

MONET CHUN: 36 holes, obviously. But I was going up No. 7 on the first match play event, and I was really tired at the top. I was like, yeah, you're on the bag now.

Q. What's her name?


Q. Do you realize nobody has won this thing from Canada since 1978?

MONET CHUN: I know it's been a while, but I don't know the history too much. Hopefully I'll have a good round tomorrow.

Q. What have you learned about this course?

MONET CHUN: There's definitely a lot of good slopes out there to use, especially like this No. 10 here, I hit it off the back right yesterday and then using this front left a lot the last couple days. Using the slopes out here and just kind of playing the course as it is.

Q. How much does this mean to you or what would this mean to you?

MONET CHUN: Huge. This is my first U.S. Am event ever, so being able to win this and compete against some of the great players even around the world, it's going to be really big.

Q. What was it like playing with the wind today? That's a little bit new so far this week.

MONET CHUN: I don't think it's as bad just because I had some experience with wind before, even in the Canadian Am it was pretty gusty there. So just playing as it is and taking more club if it's into the wind and less if it's behind me.

Q. The bunker shot on 17, how close were you thinking or hoping you could get it?

MONET CHUN: I was hoping that it would take the slope and kind of crawl over, but obviously keeping it on the green, I would have been really happy right there.

Q. What length -- 10 feet, 15 feet?

MONET CHUN: If it was a 15-footer I would have been happy. If it was a 20-footer I would have been happy.

Q. How did you hold your nerve there when Brianna gets the birdie to force extra holes? How do you maintain your nerves?

MONET CHUN: I mean, I have played with Brianna before and it was a match play event. I knew that coming into this she was a good player and she was going to make some clutch putts out there. So just keeping calm and playing the best I could play.

Q. Did you guys play match play?

MONET CHUN: We played the Polo at AJGA when they used to do match play.

Q. Who won?

MONET CHUN: Brianna did. So yeah, it's exciting.

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