U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Sunday, August 14, 2022

University Place, Washington, USA

Chambers Bay

Saki Baba

Quick Quotes

Q. How does it feel to be a USGA champion?

SAKI BABA: I'm really, really happy.

Q. Talk about your play today.

SAKI BABA: I was thinking of winning, just saying win, win, but then on the other hand I decided to enjoy the round.

Q. Where does this rank in terms of your golf accomplishments?

SAKI BABA: It's just amazing. I just can't believe it.

Q. It seems like you just play with a quiet confidence. How would you describe your demeanor, your approach?

SAKI BABA: In this case I think I was really able to do my kind of golf. Yeah, everything just went smoothly.

Q. What about the course suited your game so well?

SAKI BABA: It was my first time to be able to play on this kind of a course because they don't have it in Japan, but I think I was able to adjust to it as I went on, so yeah, it was good.

Q. How did you have such confidence chipping off these tight lies?

SAKI BABA: I have a short game course where I always practice, and that finally came in.

Q. What's the name of that course?

SAKI BABA: Forest Narusawa, in Japan, by Ome, Tokyo. Outskirts of Tokyo.

Q. You're heading back to high school; do you play on a team there? What's your golf like in Japan?

SAKI BABA: It's not a team. I go to school, but they don't have a particular team, so they let you do it individually. The school doesn't have a team, but I'm in the International Team for the Japan Golf Association.

Q. Your caddie has a lot of experience with this course. How much were you able to lean on him?

SAKI BABA: If it wasn't Beau, I don't think I would have been able to make it. He was a big help.

Q. He was talking yesterday about how you communicated almost through sign language. How did you communicate with the language barrier?

SAKI BABA: Just my game. And I started to get used to the English. Simple conversations.

Q. Had you played with a caddie before and what was it like working with a caddie, if it was the first time?

SAKI BABA: This is my second time because I had a caddie at the Junior, so this is the second time. I enjoy it very much.

Q. I think soon you're headed to the World Amateur Team Championship; is that correct?


Q. What's kind of up next?

SAKI BABA: Nothing. (Laughter.) I might be able to play in some of the regular JLPGA and maybe a few, but other than that, there's nothing.

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