U.S. Amateur Championship

Monday, August 10, 2020

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Trails

David Perkins

Quick Quotes

Q. The wind was something in the afternoon, huh?

DAVID PERKINS: Yeah, it was very challenging. It was about a three- to four-club wind, I think. Probably four. But yeah, it made it challenging. It's fun, and knowing if you played well, you were going to gain a lot of ground.

Q. To make one bogey today has to say how strong your game was today.

DAVID PERKINS: Yeah, I played really well, made a lot of putts. But I hit it really well. I only hit maybe one bad tee shot and had control of my golf ball, which is important. To make one bogey is really good, and had some birdies, as well.

Q. You had four birdies; which of those did you like the most?

DAVID PERKINS: I would say No. 4. I hit a really nice -- I had like 155, and I hit 6-iron, and I got it up on that back tier and had seven feet down the hill. It was a really good iron shot to that pin location, so I would say that one sticks out.

Q. And then to finish up like that, did you get in a little bit of trouble at 18?

DAVID PERKINS: Yeah, I thought I hit a good tee shot, just tried to hit it super low and hit it down that left center, and must have carried the hill and kicked it straight instead of kicking it right, and I was not in the bunker but I was in a bunch of sand, so it was hard to get a good clean hit on it, chunked it, got put in a good spot, and to make that putt -- definitely 3 feels a lot better than 2, I can tell you that.

Q. As you lined up that 18-footer, what were you thinking in terms of the wind is behind you a little bit and you also have a big break?

DAVID PERKINS: Yeah, well, initially my caddie and I were laughing about if for some reason there was no wind out here, that putt would be nine inches outside the hole, and we're playing five feet, so that tells you the difficulty of the greens, the speed. I don't think they can get any faster. It's cool to make that and know how challenging of a putt that was, and to finish the day like that was good.

Q. When you realize that a 68 is even better because of the conditions this afternoon and you'll go out in the morning tomorrow, suspecting that the wind will probably be down a little bit, what's your mindset going into tomorrow?

DAVID PERKINS: You know, same mindset, knowing that my first nine holes won't be like this today. Today I just wanted to go out and make as many pars as I can. I wanted to keep it around par. I knew that would put me in a really good spot, I would think. I haven't seen the leaderboard, but to come out here and to get in the red today was huge, knowing that I'll have some more normal-feeling golf tomorrow and then the back nine will be windy.

I think it's the same mindset, just stay positive, stay confident and know that everyone is going to be hitting bad shots and making bogeys.

Q. What's the difference between playing in a first U.S. Amateur and your second U.S. Amateur?

DAVID PERKINS: I think it's a different type of nerves. I think last year -- I was really nervous this year and really nervous last year, but I think it's more this year I knew I belonged and felt comfortable, and I should have felt like that last year, and I think that hurt me in the first round. I think I was more excited for some redemption this year.

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