U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Shubham Jaglan

Quick Quotes

Q. Quite the finishing stretch there. You go to hole 15 and you're down two and then just tell me about four straight birdies to win the match. Talk me through those.

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: It was just the whole round was just a grind. We finished up, I told him he didn't make a mistake out there the whole round. It was just really tough. I didn't really make a lot of putts the starting few holes, and yeah, I don't think I was up until 17.

I made a mistake on 14, lost ball there, and just start again. That's the cool thing about match play; every hole is new.

We go to 15, I hit a good tee shot. He went over the green. He hit a good shot, as well. He was three on the green and then I nearly had two putts -- anyway, I made that putt, which was kind of lucky.

16, my second shot I thought I hit it over the green. Luckily it stopped. Make that putt, and I thought it was going to be an easy job on 18, but --

Q. He put the pressure on you?

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: Yeah, he stuck it close. When I got to my putt it was uphill and down and it was downgrain, a lot of slope. I didn't really feel relieved until I holed that putt.

Q. What was that last putt, just a couple feet?

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: Yeah, it was only about two feet.

Q. But he made you --

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: He did make me putt it, which is fair.

Q. But he kind of put the pressure on you after making that putt?

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: Yeah, and I did feel nervous over it, so he was right.

Q. How long were the putts on 15 and 16 that you made?

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: I holed about a 15-footer on 15, then about a 10-footer on 16. 17 was only about five feet. Just a good finish. Really relieved. I haven't felt that much pressure in a while, so it was good fun.

Q. This is your first USGA championship?


Q. How has the experience been and how would you rate your play overall?

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: I think I've been playing well. I like the course quite a lot. Thankfully the wind has been down, which is nice. But I think the staff just makes it really special. The volunteers are always there to help you out, and then guys like you, guys like Reese, Kyle, they've been helping me out whenever I need help. I think those are the people that make the event special.

Q. What's the mindset going into tomorrow? Now you're on to the round of 32.

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: It's another round of golf really. Take it one step at a time and finish the movie I left.

Q. What movie was that?

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: I was watching "The Gray Man."

Q. I heard good things about that.

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: Yeah, it's pretty good. Good so far.

Q. Is that Ryan Gosling?

SHUBHAM JAGLAN: Yeah. I'll let you know how it is.

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