U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Jack Cantlay

Quick Quotes

Q. You had to turn it around in the second half of this match. How did you do it?

JACK CANTLAY: I turned 9, tees were moved up. Surprised by that. Connor hit a drive just a little left, and I decided I was going to lay up, just try and have a good wedge. Hit it good, and ended up winning the hole.

Then from there, I was like, all right, this is the stretch of holes that you've really got to play good on. 11 through 14 my dad always said, if you play well on those, normally it decides the match. I just tried to play solid golf from there on in.

Q. It's interesting that you took control of the match on a side that you didn't play as well in the stroke play. Was that ever on your mind at all?

JACK CANTLAY: No, not really. It's still golf. If you can pick apart the golf holes on one side, you can probably pick them apart on the other side. It's just hitting them in the right spots and playing good golf.

Q. Tell me about the 10th hole, how you won it, and then maybe about 14 and 15, as well.

JACK CANTLAY: 10, I was toying with the idea of hitting driver because the tees are 40 yards ahead of where they normally are. When Connor hit it left, I knew that that was kind of not a great spot to put it, which tempted me to just lay up, so I did. I had actually a really good wedge number in. I think I had 104.

When I hit it, I thought I hit it a little bit long, but got up there and it looked like it spun back a little bit. I had a good opportunity at birdie, and just rolled it in. It was a left center putt and just curled it in.

Then 14, I just nutted a driver. Hit it great, right down the left side, perfect spot. Then I hit a full 60-degree in there, just trying to get it all the way back there, and landed it a little bit long, spun it back to about three, four feet, made my putt.

Then 15, I just hit a good iron shot in there and then Connor unfortunately hit it in the right greenside bunker -- that bunker is very hard to get out of. He just conceded the hole from there on in. That was the end.

Q. Do you feel like you're playing at the same level today that you have been throughout the week?

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, today felt better than yesterday. Yet wasn't as good as the day before, obviously, but today I felt like I kind of got it back a little bit on the back side, or at least on the holes that I played on the back side. Yeah, I feel pretty good going into tomorrow.

Q. Besides the fact that you shot a good score on this course, are you starting to feel comfortable with this type of golf?

JACK CANTLAY: What kind of golf do you mean?

Q. The links style that this is. Most people don't get to play this kind of golf on a regular basis.

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, I am. I think I'm getting used to the way that shots need to come in. Obviously when you play -- this is my fifth round on this style of golf course. It kind of starts to get engrained, and you get used to it.

Yeah, I would say that I'm pretty used to it now.

Q. Knowing everything that's happened to this point this week, are you hearing from people that you haven't heard from in a while or are you trying to turn off the noise while you're still playing?

JACK CANTLAY: I wouldn't say that I'm hearing from anybody that I haven't really heard from. All just friends and family. Yeah, it's nice to always hear from them.

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