U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Keaton Vo

Quick Quotes

Q. Start with the front nine; got up a few and then gave a few back. Talk me through the front.

KEATON VO: Yeah, definitely not my best golf that first nine. I was hitting it in the fairway, but they were all mis-hits, leaving myself in bad spots, bad swings, not committed, bad putts, bad speed. It was a really bad front nine, to be honest. Yeah, grinded it out. We were both struggling, so I knew I still had a chance, so just grinded it out.

Went back to what I was comfortable out here -- obviously I played good out here, being the medalist, so I felt comfortable, so I kind of went back to my roots out here and was able to get stuff rolling again.

Q. What clicked between those holes, 11 and 15 when you close it out?

KEATON VO: Yeah, I kind of just told myself, there's a reason I won medalist out here. I was striking the ball well. I was kind of off to start the day, but I just kept motivating myself and really just tried to commit to each shot, and that kind of got things rolling. Then I made a couple big putts that really sealed the deal.

Q. 14 and 15, how long were those birdie putts?

KEATON VO: Okay, 15 was like a 30-footer. I was on the front of the green. 14 was like a six-footer I made. But yeah, I was hitting good putts all day, just wasn't really committing to my lines. Those four holes where I won, I just really committed to my line and they dropped in.

Q. So the 30-footer, that sealed the deal. Did he have a chance then to tie you or was that it when you sunk it?

KEATON VO: Yeah, I was like 30 feet, he was 28 feet, so he was just inside me. So then I made it and he barely missed his, and that was it.

Q. Was it tough waiting around this morning for the afternoon start time after rolling the last couple days?

KEATON VO: Yeah, it's definitely weird. I've had a lot of late tee times this week. But luckily it's so pretty out here, you can just get caught up staring at the beach or whatever, so time goes by pretty fast. Yeah, it's definitely weird waiting around, but I kept myself busy today, and yeah.

Q. What were the conditions like out there today compared to the last couple in stroke play?

KEATON VO: Pretty similar. The practice round we played, it was blowing like 30, and the conditions were brutal. But the wind died down all of a sudden, and it's like a scorable golf course now like it was in stroke play. Yeah, definitely a lot more birdies this week than what I would have thought coming into here. But yeah, the conditions are ideal right now.

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