U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Keaton Vo

Quick Quotes

Q. It was a great week obviously. Didn't end up probably the way you wanted it to, but you were medalist. Sum up your experience.

KEATON VO: Yeah, it being my first and last U.S. Junior it was a great event. Yeah, definitely upset couldn't pull off this win, but John played great. I had chances coming down the stretch and just didn't convert my putts.

Can't be upset with that. I gave myself opportunities. John is a great player and he had to win it today and he did. Nonetheless, it was a super fun week and great experience.

Q. You guys tied the last nine holes. That's crazy. I mean, you said you had some opportunities. Was there anything, any particular hole where you had a chance to win it with a good putt?

KEATON VO: Yeah, it was pretty funny. Every hole we played was different today. Like he had birdie looks he could've made inside eight feet that he missed, and I had birdie looks inside eight feet that I missed as well. We'd halve holes with bogeys, halve holes with birdies. Just great golf today.

Yeah, it was a really great match.

Q. Brother is in the Am, right?


Q. Are you in the Am?

KEATON VO: I'm not. I have orientation. I'm moving to college, so focus on that now.

Q. So done with competitive --

KEATON VO: Yeah, this is my last junior event.

Q. No more for the summer?

KEATON VO: I have Western Am, but not sure if I'm going to play in that. We'll see.

Q. Just want to get ready for college?


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