U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Jack Cantlay

Quick Quotes

Q. The theory about playing 11 through 14 or thereabouts came true again today.

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah. I was 2-down going into -- I can't remember which hole.

Q. 7.

JACK CANTLAY: 7? I was going into 8 2-down.

Q. Okay.

JACK CANTLAY: No, no, I was going into 7 2-down. Patrick told me earlier in the week that 2-up or 2-down is not a lot, so you better stay focused and keep the pedal down.

I just knew that as long as I could get it back to somewhere around even by the time we turned or around 10, I had a good shot. So that's all I tried to do. Then as soon as I got it back to even it was just keep working from there.

Q. Got the birdie at 8. How did you do that then to draw even?

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, I hit driver a little left into the left rough. I had 60-degree in my hand. It actually rolled off the face a little bit, went really high, and came short. Probably had like 60 feet, and just hit it good putt and sometimes they go in; that one did.

So just kind of trickled in from the right edge. So, yeah, that was a good momentum swinger.

Q. And then once you got to that back side again, you had talked previously about how you were told that 11 through 14 is always a key to a match.


Q. You took advantage of that situation.

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, I just tried to put together good holes after good holes. I knew that as long as I put myself in good position on 11, the next shot would be pretty simple.

I mean, still long, but more simple than if you're far back. So, yeah, it's just hitting good shots and trying to put yourself in the good spots.

Q. You lost 12 but came back and won 13. Was that a key moment?

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, I would say so. That was definitely good to get back to that.

Q. And how did you win the 13th hole?

JACK CANTLAY: Hit driver up the right side; then hit a 6-iron, I think.

Q. Uh-huh.

JACK CANTLAY: About pin high right, to maybe 12 feet. Missed it but still made birdie. That was good enough to win the hole.

Q. And then fast forward to the last hole. You were 1-up; tell me about what happened on the second shot and thereabouts after that.

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, so second shot I had 3-iron in my hand. Felt really confident over it, but I just kind of missed the strike a little bit and fanned it a little bit right. Almost went into the hazard but was still in play, which was good.

Just had a pretty simple pitch from there, and then a putt, so...

Q. Not that maybe you were surprised, but he executed his bunker shot and then made that 12-footer. That was pretty interesting.

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, that didn't -- honestly, you got expect him to make everything.

Q. Right.

JACK CANTLAY: But to me, it really didn't matter at that point. I was still trying to make my putt or just get it close. Tie wins the match.

Q. And then what was the line on that six-footer for birdie?

JACK CANTLAY: Probably about a cup and a half out left. Yeah, moved a lot for a six-footer.

Q. And then going into this afternoon, still feel like you're playing the way you've been playing all through the week?

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah. Missed couple more putts than I have the other rounds, but I plan to go out and practice some putting in the next coming minutes.

But, yeah, feel good.

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