U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Jack Cantlay

Quick Quotes

Q. Like your earlier matches you got down early, but this time you couldn't get all the way back. What was the difference?

JACK CANTLAY: Well, Eric putted out of his mind on the front nine. He putted amazingly, probably better than I've ever seen anybody putt.

Right there, after 10, I'm 4-down, which is kind of a large mountain to climb.

I tried my philosophy again on 11 through 14 just to try and play as well as I could, and I won 11 and I won 12. 13, I had a good look at eagle, missed it. We both -- he missed his, too, and he actually got the line from me.

Then 14, missed a short putt for birdie to win the hole, which kind of hurt.

Yeah, after that it's just hard to come back from 2-down with that few holes to play.

Q. Then 16 you had quite an experience there.

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, 16, the ball was sitting in the gorse behind the green. Went for it with driver. It's hard to explain, but the ball was sitting in the gorse kind of covered on the back side of it, so I just tried to take my edge and hack it out as best I could, got it up on to the fringe and then had a putt down about 20 feet and hit it about hole high, just a little left. Eric hit his about to where I hit mine, and he went first, but he missed his. I also missed mine.

Yeah, it was just kind of a meh day.

Q. Talk about playing against Eric; you've known him for a while now. What's that like to be competing against someone you know fairly well?

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, it was fun. When I saw that he made his putt to win on 18 in the morning matches, I was like, welp, here we go. So I walked out after he had come off 18, and I said, all right, I'm not your friend for the next five hours, and he kind of smiled and said, "okay."

But it's very fun to play against somebody that you know. Yeah, he's really good, a great competitor.

Q. Let's talk about your week overall. How did you feel you performed, and how will this help you in the future?

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, I feel pretty good about my week. I wouldn't say I overachieved, but I would say that I performed very well. Yeah, that's about where I'll put it. I'd say that I played pretty good.

Q. When you have time to think about it, will you look at your golf future a little differently now? Will you possibly schedule it differently?

JACK CANTLAY: I don't know that I'll schedule differently, but I'm going into a new chapter of amateur golf, so I'll definitely be playing different tournaments. I think this week just lets me know that I can play with really high-level players. So yeah, I think it's something that I proved to myself.

Q. Will it just give you more confidence going into the college golf season?

JACK CANTLAY: Yeah, I think it should. Playing against a high-level field like this, there are some kids that just finished their freshman year at good schools, and yeah, it's good to know that my game can hold up against theirs.

Q. You and your family have those discussions about golf; what do you think the next discussion will be with your family?

JACK CANTLAY: How to come back from 4-down.

No, I think it'll be something -- I think it'll be just like normal, just how can we get better, different ideas on how we can improve.

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