U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Friday, July 29, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Eric Lee

Quick Quotes

Q. Heck of a match. Ended up going two extra holes. What's going through your head right now?

ERIC LEE: I mean, it was a great match, first of all. When you've got the -- I think he got the early lead at the start, and I knew that there was still a lot of holes left because in that previous match Jeffrey, he made an awesome comeback on me, but I figured I can do that.

I brought it down to extra holes, which was great, and I thought I had a good chance because on hole 10 I hit the fairway and he was in the fairway bunker, so I thought I had an advantage over him, but he hit a great shot out of there. We ended up making par.

Went to the next hole, and then we both hit pretty bad first putts, hit it way past, but he made his second putt for par before me, and well, that obviously put a bit of pressure on me. It just kind of sucks because I couldn't get it to the hole.

There's always next time. I'm excited for next year.

Q. Going back to 16, you had a heck of a bunker shot to end up saving par on 16 and halving the hole. Did that give you the momentum to go on to 17 and get that birdie?

ERIC LEE: Oh, yeah, for sure. Even on 15, I think -- yeah, I'm pretty sure I won that hole.

I felt really confident going into the last two. 17, I hit two good shots, just couldn't make the putt. 18 also I hit two good shots -- I hit three good shots. I was able to win that hole.

Yeah, I was pretty confident, yeah.

Q. Playing in your first USGA championship, you're a semifinalist. Just sum up the week quick and your experience so far.

ERIC LEE: It's fun and tiring. It's a lot of golf. But it is a lot of fun getting to play two college players and beating both of them is definitely a confidence booster going into the next few tournaments, which is the Western Amateur. Yeah, it definitely gives me some confidence for the next few tournaments.

Q. What else is coming up besides the Western for you?

ERIC LEE: I was hoping the U.S. Amateur, but couldn't qualify for that one, either. I got the Junior Players next at TPC Sawgrass, and then the Junior Presidents Cup, got that, that should be fun. Then hopefully the PING Invitational and the Rolex TRC. Those are probably going to be my last two for the year. Yeah, that was it, yeah.

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