U.S Junior Amateur Championship

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Wil Lozano

Caddie for Wenyi Ding

Quick Quotes

Q. You met this guy last week?

WIL LOZANO: Yep, Saturday.

Q. What did you think of his game all week? Did you sense when you were starting that this kid could win it?

WIL LOZANO: I knew right away that I had a special player. I knew right away that he was talented and he could do some good things in this tournament. It didn't cross my mind that we could win this until we were probably through our second or third match. I really started to see things going our way when we were playing Potter. Potter was a great competitor and equally up to the task, and we ended up coming out on top, and right away I knew we're probably just going to keep taking the wins.

Q. What impressed you most about his game?

WIL LOZANO: I'd say his consistency and his distance control was impeccable. At times, with anybody that comes out here to the Dunes, they're going to be tested, they're going to be challenged, but he was up for it. He was up for the challenge. Anytime we got into a messy situation, a tough situation, he was able to match it with a good shot, a shot he needed and a shot we ultimately made a difference.

Q. Obviously you guys were 8-up and he wins five straight holes; was it a little nervous for you too as a caddie?

WIL LOZANO: Definitely, definitely. When you're in the finals you know you've got someone equally up to the task as you. I knew it was going to be tough. It felt a little too good to be true going through that front nine.

But I knew if he won one hole or even tied one hole, we would come out on top. He started feeling a little bit of the pressure, and he'd been telling me for a couple of days that he was tired, he was exhausted. This course takes a toll on everybody who plays it, not to mention what the wind does.

I'm just proud of how he persevered.

Q. You've been here since 2019?

WIL LOZANO: Yes, sir.

Q. Caddied all the resort courses?

WIL LOZANO: Yes, sir.

Q. When did you sign up to do this and how did you find out you had him?

WIL LOZANO: A few months prior I signed up, and I found out I had -- I actually didn't get in touch with him. He called me the day before practice rounds started. I knew I had Wenyi when I got an email from the caddie master here. It was probably three, four days prior to the event. At least that was when I saw it.

Q. Was it a pure draw type of thing?

WIL LOZANO: Yep, 100 percent random. It could have been any one of these caddies. I'm so humbled to have been a part of the experience, and I was happy to help someone do something that they wanted to do and help someone live their dreams. As a caddie, that's all I can hope for, to be a part of something great and hope they have a good time while they're out there and I help them do it.

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