U.S. Senior Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Anchorage Golf Course

Sue Wooster

Quick Quotes

Q. Some great playing. Tough match, but talk about what's going well right now.

SUE WOOSTER: I think probably more experience being here. This is, I think, my third final in the last four events, so that's pretty cool. Pretty proud of that.

Q. Absolutely.

SUE WOOSTER: Yesterday I played really -- it was easy. Fairways, greens, hitting it close. Today it wasn't the same. It was a bit of a grind today. I was probably a little bit tired, too. Probably just didn't get the pace of the greens quite as good as I would have wanted to, but hopefully tomorrow should be --

Q. In some ways can you take more pride out of winning when you don't have your best stuff?

SUE WOOSTER: Well, you're not feeling that out there. But when you finish, yeah, you give yourself a pat on the back for hanging in there, not giving up, because you never give up in match play. Anything can happen.

Q. Like you said, having been to the finals before multiple times, what can you draw from that?

SUE WOOSTER: I guess just the experience of it being so prestigious. I think the first time you're in it you probably put a lot of pressure on yourself, so I try not to put pressure on myself, just try to play golf, and if I win, I win, if I don't, I don't. There's no point in sort of knocking yourself out over it.

Q. Have you played with Shelly before? What do you know about Shelly?

SUE WOOSTER: We stayed together at -- I think in Louisiana for the Mid-Amateur about five years ago, and we had a hoot, had a good time together. I haven't played with Shelly I don't think, so this is the first time. Yeah, we go way back.

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