U.S. Senior Women's Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Anchorage Golf Course

Kathy Hartwiger

Quick Quotes

Q. Just wrap up the experience a little bit. Obviously a lot to be proud of.

KATHY HARTWIGER: Yes. Just coming back to Alaska, I mean, everything was just going to be a win. I'm staying with my mom's friend Sue right there, and she found my ball that almost was lost on 4 this morning. She not only hosted us but then she found my ball, and none of us could find it.

Yeah, I think I wanted just to soak up every moment, and I did. I'm sad to be done, but match play, you've got to have some luck, and Shelly is just solid. I needed to be more like I was yesterday.

Q. It does come with some perks, semifinals next two years you're exempt. Looking forward to obviously Arizona and Seattle?

KATHY HARTWIGER: Yeah, definitely, and I just retired last May, and so this has just been a great -- I'm getting back. I feel like my game is getting back. I feel settled again, and I just keep trying to improve.

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