U.S. Senior Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Marion, Massachusetts, USA

The Kittansett Club

Miles McConnell

Quick Quotes

Q. What would be the takeaways of the week, reaching the quarterfinals?

MILES McCONNELL: Yeah, you've got to be proud to do that. It's always tough to get close and feel like you could have done more. It kind of makes me think back to the '87 U.S. Am when I lost in the round of eight in a playoff.

You always think you'll have another opportunity, and I didn't in that, so hopefully I will in this. You just never know in this game. Keep plugging away and good things can happen.

Q. What's next for you?

MILES McCONNELL: I've got a couple tournaments back home in Florida, and then that's pretty much it for this season for the big stuff. Yeah, get ready for next year. It's tougher, though; you're a year older. Senior golf you've got a little window, and I'm in my window.

Q. You're exempt into next year at Martis Camp. Have you ever been out there?

MILES McCONNELL: I haven't. I was telling my wife bee right here, I think she'll like next year, as well. I heard they've got a Ritz out there -- of course, that's beautiful.

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