U.S. Senior Amateur Championship

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Marion, Massachusetts, USA

The Kittansett Club

Bob Royak

Quick Quotes

Q. It seems like you and Rusty go way back, play a lot of golf --

BOB ROYAK: Yeah, we've played a lot of golf back home all the time for the last, whatever, 30 years, GSGA events. He's steady, didn't really -- he had one bad hole. Other than that I think he made two or three or four birdies, something like that. He made some nice putts. I was just for whatever reason off a little bit this afternoon. I bogeyed holes like 8, 10, 11, 12, from just poor iron shots.

Q. How would you rate the week overall?

BOB ROYAK: Yeah, good. You know, my game was in a good place. I really thought I could have won this week once I got by that match this morning. My game was in a good place. I was surprised I played so poorly this afternoon. But that's golf.

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