U.S. Senior Open Championship

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Saucon Valley C.C. (Old Course)

Tracy Phillips

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Tracy Phillips, 1-over 72. Can you talk us through that round out there.

TRACY PHILLIPS: I'm glad to be in. It was pretty brutal out there with the rain and just trying to gut it out. Made some good up and downs, which kind of helped sustain the round, which was good.

Q. How tough were the conditions? Even earlier in the round they were probably worse than they are now.

TRACY PHILLIPS: Right. It lightened up our last three or four holes. It is still raining a little bit, but the heaviest rain was the first nine holes, twelve holes, something like that.

The golf course played extremely long. Totally different than what we played in the practice rounds. The ball is not going anywhere. So it was kind of a gut out round for sure.

Q. How do you think the course will play, I guess even later this afternoon, but then tomorrow and into the weekend with the weather shifting?

TRACY PHILLIPS: Obviously, hopefully it kind of firms up in the fairways, not necessarily the greens. The greens were beautiful. They were fast and obviously very smooth, great surface.

Just a great golf course, great test.

Q. Now taking weather out of the situation, what does the U.S. Senior Open demand from your game?

TRACY PHILLIPS: One thing, you've got to hit it straight. You've got to keep it in the fairway because a lot of times you're better off missing it 20 yards out of the fairway as opposed to just 5 yards, because that first cut after the immediate cut is so thick.

I would just be hacking out a 7-iron, 8-iron just to try to advance as far as I can and position -- it's kind of like playing pool. You've got to position the next shot to hopefully get it up and down.

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