U.S. Senior Open Championship

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Saucon Valley C.C. (Old Course)

Paul Broadhurst

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THE MODERATOR: Paul Broadhurst, 3-under 68. Can you talk us through that round today.

PAUL BROADHURST: Yeah, a lot of positives to start off with. Good chance at No. 3. I missed it from about eight feet. It's disappointing because you don't get many chances around here, so that would have been a nice one to get off to a good start early.

Made a good par save on No. 7. I think it was the only time I went in the long stuff off the tee. I drove it well all day, albeit a little bit out of the neck, but straight but not very far.

I was pleased with the way I drove the ball all day and I made a few chances around the back nine.

On top of it, I made a couple of nice putts. Any time you're 3-under around this course, delighted.

THE MODERATOR: Do you think you got a little lucky with the draw in the afternoon?

PAUL BROADHURST: I mean, round of the day is Paul Goydos, no question. I was having breakfast thinking, they can't possibly be playing in this, so testament to the drainage of the golf course that they've got the 18 holes finished, or near enough. But no, that was a great score from Paul.

I'm not a great lover of the rain, despite coming from England. I don't mind the wind, but the rain I'm not so keen on, so I was quite happy to have an afternoon start today.

THE MODERATOR: Tomorrow and into the weekend the weather is supposed to improve. How do you think the golf course will change?

PAUL BROADHURST: Hopefully play a little bit shorter. With no run on the fairways and heavy atmosphere, the ball was going nowhere really. I think everyone was finding that out. Some long par-4s out there, but my utility club has come in handy today and I was hitting it 25 feet on the long holes making par, so I'm making a few chances on the short ones.

It all went to plan today.

Q. You've won a couple of senior major titles. Do you feel you're in that kind of form now? And also, knowing how to get the job done, what's it take to get the job done over the next couple of days?

PAUL BROADHURST: A lot of patience. Got to drive the ball well. Simple as that. You can't score out of this rough. It's absolutely brutal, especially being so wet now, as well.

The key is to get it in the fairway. I'm driving it well but I'm not hitting it right at the middle of the club face, so I'm probably 15 yards down on where I would be normally, but I'm just happy to be in the fairway.

You know as soon as you hit a bad tee shot there's every chance you're going to make bogey. There's quite a bit of pressure on the driving.

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