U.S. Senior Open Championship

Friday, June 24, 2022

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Saucon Valley C.C. (Old Course)

Rocco Mediate

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Rocco Mediate, even-par 71. Rocco, even par today and you're T2. Is that a testament to how hard the course is playing?

ROCCO MEDIATE: The golf course, yeah, I got off to a ridiculously good start, which is good. Would I like to have went through another round -- I'm not that crazy thinking I won't make any bogeys.

I didn't think ever really after yesterday that I wouldn't make bogey on a hole again, but that happened -- took me 25 holes. Murph goes, if we'd have told you Wednesday, I went, I'm good.

Yeah, no, the golf course is good. It's supposed to be -- it's good. As it firms up, it will get even better.

Q. What do you need to do tomorrow?

ROCCO MEDIATE: Fairways and greens. Fairways. There's nothing else to say. Tomorrow, can I put it in the first fairway? Well, it's a par-5. If you miss the fairway even on the par-5s, you've got issues. So it's good.

Q. You mentioned yesterday loving the draw of late-early.

ROCCO MEDIATE: I got lucky, yeah.

Q. Is that just something over time that your body has kind of adjusted?

ROCCO MEDIATE: Oh, that? Yeah, I always like to keep going. I feel like you keep going. Even though the next day, like today's an early start, but I never minded that. I never liked a lot of late-early starts, because you got to wait. I like to go. We got lucky on the draw because of the weather obviously.

Q. If you have a bad round as a late draw, then you turn around the next morning and you're still good?

ROCCO MEDIATE: Yeah, I know. I don't even think about that part because that's happened a lot, too. I'd just rather keep going and see if something -- if you're playing good you feel like you never stop. It's the waiting that I hate.

Q. We heard a few, let's go Rocco out there today. Can you talk about the fan support?

ROCCO MEDIATE: They're great. I'm from Greensburg, so it's four hours. Four hours? These two yo-yos are from Greensburg, too. It's great. I hear a lot of it. This is home.

By the way, I told you guys on Wednesday, not Jacksonville, Florida. I don't know where you got me from Jacksonville, Florida. I'm yelling you at you. I'm from Greensburg, PA.

I've got to tell them tonight. I told them on Wednesday. I'm not going to yell. I'm going to say, would you change me to Greensburg, PA. Yeah, it's great being home. It is.

Q. How good does it feel being in contention going into the weekend?

ROCCO MEDIATE: It's good to feel uncomfortably comfortable. It's what you want to feel. Regardless of what happens, the feeling on the 1st tee tomorrow, whatever time I tee off, will be cool.

You want to feel like, ahh, I got to go here. You want to feel that, and I haven't felt it in a while.

I felt great today. I really did. It was nervy, but I just trusted what I'm doing. It worked most of the time. Most of the time.

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