U.S. Senior Open Championship

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Saucon Valley C.C. (Old Course)

Thongchai Jaidee

Quick Quotes

Q. Thongchai Jaidee after the fourth round of the Senior Open. Three rounds under par at the Senior Open, and despite the bogeys today, you made more birdies. What about your performance for the week?

THONGCHAI JAIDEE: I played great all week. I hit the ball very well, but the green made it very difficult. I had like so many three-putts this week. You know the green, right, the gree it makes it -- it sometimes get wrong position, get different position and it make it a difficult putt.

I think the way they set it up for a major is very fun. I think the golf course is in great condition. I think everything with the spectators is fantastic. I'm really happy with my week.

If I finish the top ten, I'll be happy for a major.

Q. That's a great finish. It continues on your win from a couple of weeks ago. Good play in sight, right?

THONGCHAI JAIDEE: Yeah, it give me a lot of confidence to play every week now. I don't think I lose anything. It's hard to get -- you know, is my performing (indiscernible) like this, going to be okay.

Good change to make one. This week I think very happy week. I think it's a very tough week.

Q. Of the majors that you played in, how does this golf course rate among them?

THONGCHAI JAIDEE: I believe it's set up very difficult. If the green conditions is very soft, the pin position is more tough. I think it's a good major. Ending under par for the four round is very happy. I was so happy to finish like 3-under par, it's okay.

Especially bogeying on the last, I think it's tough. You don't make in the fairway going to be trouble.

This golf course you keep it in play, like hit the ball in the fairway you can attack on second shot. If you miss alongside the fairway you can't control the rough. I think you have some holes you make it, it's trouble because not find the fairway. 1-under par today is great round.

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