U.S. Senior Open Championship

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA


Bernhard Langer

Quick Quotes

Q. So it seemed like you were a par machine today. What was working well out there?

BERNHARD LANGER: I was hitting the ball fairly well. Hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens and just couldn't get it really close with my wedges. When I had wedges in my hand, I couldn't get it close to the hole, and that was why I didn't make a lot of birdies.

So I hit one par-5 in two, but the ball didn't stay on the green. I hit a 3 hybrid, but greens are very firm, some of them, and it just took off. So didn't get up and down.

Yeah, overall it was a solid round. Just need to tighten up my wedge game a little bit.

Q. Yeah, there's been a lot of discussion about that rough throughout this week. Can you talk about what it was like that day out there at all?

BERNHARD LANGER: Thank goodness I wasn't in it. I can't talk much about it, but I tried to hit a few shots in the practice rounds and it's very punishing.

I saw my fellow competitors hacking it out of there a couple times. It's pretty brutal, yes.

Q. And how do you feel heading into tomorrow? There's only a few players, it seems, under par right now. How are you feeling?

BERNHARD LANGER: I'm feeling good. Try and get some rest and have an early tee time. Greens should be good, maybe a little cooler temperatures. Hopefully a little softer greens as well. Conditions should be nice tomorrow.

Q. And just looking at the rest of the week, what do you feel like you need to do to be in contention come Sunday?

BERNHARD LANGER: What I just said, keep hitting fairways and greens, play smart, and then hopefully get my wedges a little closer to the hole and make some putts.

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