U.S. Senior Open Championship

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA


Ken Tanigawa

Quick Quotes

Q. A lot of the field, they're either at even or very few are under par. What was the course like out there today?

KEN TANIGAWA: The course, I can tell you, is in great shape. The rough is mean. It's every bit of what you would expect it to be. You get in it, and you kind of just have to hack out and try to make par from wherever you hit it.

But the course is beautiful. The pins were in great spots, but they were fair, nothing crazy. You've got to pay attention, but the greens roll beautifully.

It's in great shape, and it's kind of what you would expect out here.

Q. Just looking at day one here, kind of what went well? Is there anything, as you head into tomorrow, that you're hoping to adjust or maybe focus on a little bit more?

KEN TANIGAWA: You can always be more patient, right? Sometimes it's easy to lose your patience when you have an opportunity and you let it go and don't make that birdie putt and don't convert.

No, I just try to keep doing the same thing. Hit as many fairways as you can which means you have a chance to hit the green, et cetera, all the cliches. Yeah, nothing different really.

Q. Perfect. You just mentioned the greens. Some people I think we were talking to this afternoon talking about them firming up. How were they out there, I guess?

KEN TANIGAWA: They rolled beautifully. They're great. I mean, they've got some movement in them, and you have to pay attention. They are firming up a little bit. With the heat and without any rain, if they do, boy, it could be a challenge come Sunday.

But, yeah, they're just great. The course is -- hat's off to Sentry for taking care of this place and the superintendent. It's immaculate. It's fun to play.

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