U.S. Senior Open Championship

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA


Y.E. Yang

Quick Quotes

Q. Really a little bit of a rough start on 1 today but picked it up after that. What did it take to turn it around?

Y.E. YANG: It was patience. After the first hole I bogeyed, but the realization is that everyone is going to bogey on such a hard course, so stay patient and stay to the plan. That's how I turned it around.

Q. Three birdies had to feel good today.

Y.E. YANG: Yes, yes, very good.

Q. How are you feeling about tomorrow? Do you think you can take a run at the top 3?

Y.E. YANG: Same strategy as today, be patient, let it come to you, and just stay with the plan and just do exactly like what we did today.

Q. Does this feel like a U.S. Open course to you, and do you like playing those type of courses?

Y.E. YANG: Not always. Not all the time. But it's good to play a course like this once in a while because it really helps you focus. I like it.

Q. You've gotten better every day here. Are you starting to like the course more, or is it that your game is getting better as you go along?

Y.E. YANG: It goes hand in hand. You start playing well, and then the course becomes not as difficult, and just go along.

Q. Are you more comfortable on the greens over the last three days? The speed was around 13, and a couple of the players talked about how undulating they are and tough to play.

Y.E. YANG: I don't think it's gotten easier. It's very consistent, very good. However, any U.S. Open greens, how you get the bounce, right? On the 18th I thought I hit it perfect, got a hard bounce and went towards the back. Some greens it just checks up and spins. But besides that, everything is good.

Q. What would it mean to you to win a USGA championship tomorrow, and how would your country feel about you winning one?

Y.E. YANG: It's really important because as you know, there's only two Korean players, K.J. and me, on the Champions Tour, so of course I would love to win it. If I do win it, it'll bring awareness, more attention to the Champions Tour. That would be something great.

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