U.S. Senior Open Championship

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA


Rod Pampling

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk about what happened this morning on the front.

ROD PAMPLING: You know, I just got super unlucky on that third hole. Just the shot came out really hot. Just trying to play safe and then it was just a gnarly next lie, and it just came out left, unfortunately, and just added up quick.

Q. Can it get on you pretty quick? Can that throw you off your game?

ROD PAMPLING: As I say, it happened quickly, but it's not that we weren't thinking about what we were doing. The ball come out high, which out of this rough it normally doesn't come out high, and it clipped that tree, and then it was just -- I got a terrible break after that.

But I hit a poor shot, and then just hit a bad second shot to the par-5, as well.

Other than that -- hey, you never want to have days like today, but unfortunately you have them, and you still have them. Just let it go and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. You were in the lead and now the course can come up and bite you. That's what everybody has been saying.

ROD PAMPLING: Sure, no, it can. I got bit. Hopefully tomorrow it's had its feed on me, and I can get out and shoot a low one.

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