U.S. Senior Open Championship

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA


Dicky Pride

Quick Quotes

Q. Give me a quick summary of the round today. I saw you had a few birdies early on.

DICKY PRIDE: I really just didn't hit the ball very good. I didn't give myself a lot of chances, so I scrambled and held myself in there pretty well. I need to hit the ball better. I missed too many fairways today. I had a couple of good drives that I thought were perfect that went a little sideways.

It's tough when you're the only guy in the entire field that gets a bad break (laughter), so someone has got to do it, but my God, I'll take it for the rest of the field because I'm a giver. That's just how I am, man.

I need to hit the ball a little bit better, and I hit a lot of good putts that just didn't go in. That's kind of the way it is. I'm happy with the way I'm playing. I'm happy with the way I'm hanging in there. I need to hit a few more fairways and hit a few more greens.

Q. How was the rough? Padraig was saying it was starting to get a little more matted down but not as penal as they were on Thursday and Friday.

DICKY PRIDE: Well, I think if you miss them within the first two or three yards they're very difficult, but if you get outside the ropes, they have been knocked down a little bit.

There's nothing easy about this rough. It's like you drove it in there, you're working pretty hard to give yourself an opportunity.

Q. Speaking more to that, it feels like this is a course that's kind of hard to get comfortable on, I guess. Is a key patience with a course like this?

DICKY PRIDE: I think every time you play, patience is a key. I've never played a round of golf where I didn't have to be patient.

In particular U.S. Opens and U.S. Senior Opens like this you have to because it's not going to be set up easy and you're not going to have -- no one is going to have good breaks all the time.

You can get away with some shots. You're going to have some bad breaks, and you're going to have to take your medicine. It's kind of interesting because last week at Dick's Sporting Goods I shoot 7-under the last round to get to 16-under to finish fourth, and now you're 1-over par and you're in eighth.

Q. Golf gives and it takes.

DICKY PRIDE: Well, I think it speaks to the way that -- how difficult the golf course is and how hard the USGA has set it up. I think it's very difficult. I think they did a good job of being fair with it. But it's hard.

Q. What's the mindset going into tomorrow?

DICKY PRIDE: Mindset right now is to go to the range and figure out why I'm hitting everything to the right. If you've got any suggestions, I'll take them. Google it, how to stop getting it trapped behind your body.

No, I've got to go hit some shots and get the ball started on line a little bit better, and kind of figure it out from there.

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