U.S. Women's Open

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Sarah Jane Smith

Quick Quotes

Q. First of all, how is your game at the moment and how did you prepare for this championship?

SARAH JANE SMITH: It's actually showing some good signs, which is nice. It's been a rough year. The last couple weeks started to see some improvement in my ball-striking and started to feel a bit more confident out there.

It's been a long process to get here after having my maternity break, but starting to feel a little bit more like myself, which is nice.

Q. Do you feel like you're ready to contend here this week?

SARAH JANE SMITH: I hope so. My short game has been really good. I mean, it sort of had to be how bad I was hitting it even to just shoot the terrible scores I was.

But now this my ball striking is starting to improve. I mean, it seems unrealistic when you look at actually my results for the year, but do I feel pretty good.

Q. Your success in this championship in the past. Does that help you this week?

SARAH JANE SMITH: I think so. I've always played better on tough courses, so that's always been a benefit to me coming to a USGA Championship.

But I hope so. I feel good about coming here and I love -- the association has always been really nice to me. So I'm happy to be back.

Q. How does it feel to be playing a major in December?

SARAH JANE SMITH: It feels different. I'm grateful that we're here. It's a little sad in a way, too. Obviously we're -- not because of he championship, but in December we're usually at home with our families and this year we won't be able to make to home.

So it is -- doesn't feel like December yet. I think that's probably more the thing.

Q. Especially when you're in 70 degrees.

SARAH JANE SMITH: I know. This is beautiful. Last week it felt like we were playing at the wrong time of year. This week feels perfect.

Q. Another thing that is different is playing on two courses. I assume you've had the chance to play both now.


Q. What are the differences and how will you have to contend with that mentally switching courses the first two days?

SARAH JANE SMITH: I think they're obviously different courses, but there is a lot of similarities still, even though the greens are enormous on Cypress.

But I think the benefit is that they're fairly in front of you. There is not -- they're not quirky. They're as you see it.

I think even though I might have to t refresh my memory, like which one is this one again, but even with that I still think there is no n hidden secrets.

They're just good, solid golf courses.

Q. Do you think -- usually it takes everything to win a major. Do you think the premium will be on putting this week?

SARAH JANE SMITH: I think so. I mean, obviously distance control, if you're not hitting it really close you're going to have some really long putts.

But also, I mean, long game is pretty important out here. There are some lengthy holes, and if you can get those into like good proximity, then you're going to have a big chance around here.

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