U.S. Women's Open

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Jin Young Ko

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We are pleased to welcome world No. 1, Jin-Young Ko. Jin-Young has six LPGA Tour victories and an 11 additional professional wins on the KLPGA.

She is a two-time winner and is making her fourth Women's Open start. How does it feel coming into a major week in December?

JIN-YOUNG KO: To be honest, it feels weird because I'm playing in December around Christmas Day, so it's the first time. And then I don't know.

But the course is tough, and then everyone looks nervous, too, so it's fun.

Q. What's the difference preparing for two golf courses?

JIN-YOUNG KO: It's the first time I have been -- I've played maybe 17 years, but it's the first time. I will play Cypress on the first round, and then second round I play Jack Rabbit. It's tough. I have to play two courses, but 18 holes for the practice round. It's a little bit tiring to me.

But this is the same condition for everyone, so I can accept. I will look forward for the tournament.

Q. How are you finding the golf courses? It seems that they're playing long. Do you think they set up to favor longer players?

JIN-YOUNG KO: I think so. I met Maria Fassi this morning and we talked a little bit, so I asked to her, How's the course, and she said, I like more Cypress course. So I said, Ahh, because longer, and she said, Yes.

And then I played Jack Rabbit after talking, and Jack Rabbit is not too short, a little longer, as well.

Yeah, I want to try little hit like strong driver, but I don't want to like great on the course. So I will just keep my swing and my energy. That's all.

Q. What will you do tomorrow for practice?

JIN-YOUNG KO: I will play Cypress on the back nine tomorrow, yeah.

Q. What is the biggest difference do you think between the two courses?

JIN-YOUNG KO: Well, Cypress is more bigger. The greens are big, way big. And then the fairways are narrow. So I like Cypress course more because the setup and everything is like more clear. But I like Jack Rabbit, too.

And then Jack Rabbit's greens are smaller than Cypress, but maybe -- I think I will play every club in the bag this course.

Q. When you were a kid was there one tournament that you dreamed of winning?

JIN-YOUNG KO: Yes, of course.

Q. Which one?

JIN-YOUNG KO: U.S. Open, of course, because 1998 when I was three years old I watched the TV on my father's knee about Se Ri's win when she won this tournament, and then I saw that I want to play the golf.

So I started. So yeah, I want to get the U.S. Open trophy.

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