U.S. Women's Open

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Hinako Shibuno

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you talk us through your round a little bit?

HINAKO SHIBUNO: Today I was playing better than I thought I would, and I have very stable playing I did today.

Q. Playing two different courses this week. How does that set up for you?

HINAKO SHIBUNO: This is my first time playing two different courses, so that's why I did a lot of practicing rounds beforehand. That's why I came in early to fly in.

And so by doing so, by doing more practicing, I learned more, so I would like to use what I learned in the practicing rounds and in the tournament.

Q. What's the strategy going into tomorrow?

HINAKO SHIBUNO: Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be bad, so that's why I have to be -- I have to persevere, so I have to be tenacious. I have to play tenacious patient golf tomorrow.

Q. What have you learned this year, your first time coming to play in the States in so many events? What have you learned about your game and you as an athlete?

HINAKO SHIBUNO: In terms of techniques, I really do have come to the United States and play the courses in the United States, so that's why I came here two months earlier for American tour.

I play in the tournament and tried to get the hang of the actual experience playing in the United States, and so comparing the tour in Japan and United States tours, I feel more of a challenger in the United States when I play in the States than in Japan.

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