U.S. Women's Open

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Gabriela Ruffels

Quick Quotes

Q. Gabriela, great playing today. As expected, Cypress played tougher than Jackrabbit. What are your thoughts on your opening round today?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, was really happy with it. I was just excited to get it going and can't believe the first round is already done.

Yeah, I was 1-over on the back nine, which is my front nine, so happy with the way I could bring it home.

Q. Even round through round one; 18 holes in today. As an amateur playing in this championship, what does it mean to be this high up on the leaderboard through the first round?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, it's really cool. I mean, I'm not really a leaderboard watcher, but just trying to go out there, see how good I can do, and definitely happy with the round.

Q. This championship has a ton of history. Do you believe that this is a tournament that an amateur can win?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, for sure. I think one has won one one time, right, in the history? It can be done obviously, so it's still early days.

Just keep going.

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