U.S. Women's Open

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Yuka Saso

Flash Interview

Q. Bogey-free on the front. Talk us through what was working well.

YUKA SASO: Actually not really thinking about it, just happened. So yeah.

Q. How does playing here in Houston compare to playing on the JLPGA?

YUKA SASO: It's really different. You know, it's a major, and the golf courses are like tough. It's long. Greens are firm. I have to use driver off the tee, but JLPGA sometimes I have to use shorter clubs. So yeah, I think that's the big difference.

Q. Your first bogey of the day was on 11. How did you mentally power through and restart after that?

YUKA SASO: For me, bogey comes. Like golf. For me I didn't really feel anything, just go for the next hole and do your best.

Q. Are you working with Jumbo Ozaki?

YUKA SASO: I go to his practice facility, but he doesn't really teach golf. But if I have questions, like he'll answer me.

Q. How did you start working from there?

YUKA SASO: We don't really talk about specifically golf. He'll just say to me like okay, you're getting too under, your swing, because that's my correction every time. So yeah, that's what he tells me every time, and I think that's it. Every time I'm there.

Q. Do you have a coach in Manila still?

YUKA SASO: I don't have a contract with any coach, but I have a few friends that I can ask for advice.

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