U.S. Women's Open

Friday, December 11, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Kelly Tan

Quick Quotes

Q. So it was a tough couple days out there. What was with your biggest takeaway from the week?

KELLY TAN: I putted great all week. Coming into this week I thought if I can figure out my speed and just make sure my lag putting is good, I will play pretty well.

I been playing really well. Unfortunately, my ball striking let me down this week. A little tighter fairways. I think it was a lot to do with my ball striking this week.

And, yeah, I guess I just got to move on and just know that I'm striking the ball great and putting great.

Q. Obviously great turnaround. What are you looking forward to most next week and how will you prepare?

KELLY TAN: I look forward to -- I haven't looked at my schedule. Maybe fly Sunday night. Maybe I'll change my flight a day early and get there Sunday and hopefully get an extra look.

I've never seen the golf course but heard a lot of great stuff about it. It's a Tour Championship, and, yeah, I've never been there. I'm excited for the week and I look forward to playing Tiburon.

Q. What was your favorite part about the week in Houston and Champions?

KELLY TAN: I think the golf course set up amazing. The condition, I feel like the members should be really proud of the course. I play here probably a month before the tournament, before this week, and they definitely prep up the course real well.

Yeah, I think the USGA did amazing job. The greens are running really fast and I look forward to watch more U.S. Open this weekend. I think the girls are in for a treat this weekend.

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