U.S. Women's Open

Friday, December 11, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Perrine Delacour

Quick Quotes

Q. Tell us a little bit about today's round.

PERRINE DELACOUR: Today's round was a little stressful with the cut line in the mind.

That was my first U.S. Open, so I didn't know what to expecting coming here this week. Tough course. Tough position. Everything is hard.

But you just have to keep -- be patient. So I made a mistake early in the round and I came back with a birdie on 9 and then I was just patient until the end.

I'm pretty happy to be back on the weekend.

Q. What did you find the most difficult about having to play two courses?

PERRINE DELACOUR: The line out of the tee box, because you're playing one course -- this one I only play one time, Jackrabbit I only play one day, and I played it Tuesday and I came Friday. I put the line I was sure in my mind, but then you have the other course so keep messing up and you're reading your notes and like, Where is it?

So my caddie did a really good job. He walked the course earlier last week, this week as well. So he knows exactly where was the line and that helped me a lot.

Q. Anything you're looking to work on in your game for the weekend?

PERRINE DELACOUR: Just I'm mainly going to rest because we wake up early this morning, so it's a long weekend. So I'm mainly going to rest and then just maybe do some swings on the range, but not much. It's all going to be on the putting green. Of course spend time putting.

I'm happy where is my game right now. I was struggling with my ball striking up to Thursday morning in the warmup. So just trust my process over the weekend and I'm happy.

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