U.S. Women's Open

Friday, December 11, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Megan Khang

Flash Interview

Q. Megan Khang, 2-under 69 on Cypress Creek. A bogey-free round at a U.S. Open. You'll take that any day, right?

MEGAN KHANG: I'll take that any week, any day, any tournament. It's always a good feeling to be bogey-free and just really hoping to move that into the weekend.

Q. Do you think there's any advantage to playing Cypress Creek today knowing now it's just three straight days there?

MEGAN KHANG: I personally was very happy when I got the draw because I put the Jackrabbit -- it was mainly because I wanted the yardage book cover, and it's nice to get through Jackrabbit the first day and then know that you have to play Cypress three days, so I personally really liked it.

I mean, everyone here is so good, so I don't think it actually matters too much. I think it's just personal preference.

Q. What was the best shot you hit today?

MEGAN KHANG: Oh, that's a good one. I don't remember a lot of my shots. But I'd have to say -- I don't even remember my birdies.

Q. 2 and 15.

MEGAN KHANG: See, I can't remember the holes. I'm so bad. I'm drawing a huge blank. But no, I was just happy with my driving today, so all of them were good.

Q. What did you work on since yesterday?

MEGAN KHANG: Since yesterday I definitely worked on tightening up my drives. Yesterday towards the end of the round the driver got a little loose, and with that, we worked on it yesterday, worked on it today, and it definitely paid off, and definitely found a lot more fairways.

Q. Game plan for the weekend?

MEGAN KHANG: Kind of stay where we are and just keep doing what we've been doing and just kind of stay in the moment. Want to enjoy -- it's the 75th U.S. Women's Open, and you don't get a lot of them.

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