U.S. Women's Open

Friday, December 11, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Charley Hull

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously through 36 holes now, you've played both Jackrabbit and Cypress. How do you compare the two golf courses?

CHARLEY HULL: Well, I feel like the greens are a little slower on Cypress. I struggled with the pace on the greens today. That was one of the main things. But they're both in great condition.

Q. When you started your closing nine, what switched there for you to rattle off four straight birdies?

CHARLEY HULL: I don't know, look, I was hitting my irons good today, it's just my driver I wasn't hitting great, and that's where I made my bogeys. But every time I was in the fairway I gave myself a chance for a birdie.

Q. Despite the three closing bogeys, still very much in this championship. Looking ahead to the weekend, how important is it now to just focus on one golf course and finally just get to play two straight rounds on Cypress?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, definitely I'm going to do a bit of putting today, as well, to get used to the greens. They're a bit slower, so I left quite a few putts short. And I'm just going to work on my driver, because I wasn't hitting it very well today. So just iron that out and hopefully have a good day tomorrow.

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