U.S. Women's Open

Friday, December 11, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Alena Sharp

Quick Quotes

Q. Could you just tell us a little bit about today's round?

ALENA SHARP: Played pretty solid. Missing it by one doesn't feel great coming off the last green. I had a chance and didn't make a putt. You know, just tough. This is the second U.S. Open in a row that I missed it by one.

Q. Challenges you face playing two different golf courses?

ALENA SHARP: Well, because of the two courses, the one day of less prep on the course you're going to play three times. A lot of information I guess playing 36, but I thought we had a good game plan.

We got here early enough to learn both courses.

Q. Been a crazy year. What positives do you have going into 2021 with your game?

ALENA SHARP: Well, I haven't seen my coach this year and I've played pretty good.

Looking forward to going to see him at the end of this year, to start next year, and have a good plan going forward for next year.

But did a lot of good things this year so far, so I'm happy with how things have been, despite this whole pandemic. Yeah.

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