U.S. Women's Open

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Gabriela Ruffels

Quick Quotes

Q. (In progress.)

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, it was really cool. I was definitely a little bit nervous, but I thought I had pretty about prep from the first two days because I played with defending -- or not the defending, but last year's British Open champ and U.S. Open champ, so the spotlight was still on our group.

It was so cool. I watch these girls on TV all the time. Playing with them was awesome, and they were super nice to me, too.

Q. How do you feel like you played today and the course?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: The course is tough. I think it was definitely the toughest day. Conditions, it was super wet out there, a lot of mud balls and the pins were tucked, and it was hard to get close to the pins.

This course is very tough and the USGA set it up super tough. It was a really good challenge.

Q. What will you do to prepare for tomorrow?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Just kind of same old. Go through my routines, get some lunch first, kind of relax a little bit, and then go through my practice, do some hitting, some chipping, and some putting, and then should be good to go.

Q. How do you feel about an amateur's chance to win this tournament tomorrow?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, I got this question yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised, honestly. I think amateurs right now are -- it's amazing I think the level of their game. I've seen it in college and I play against them every time, and I'm so blown away to see how good everyone is.

I feel like more amateurs playing well kind of elevates other amateurs, so I'm definitely not surprised with where they're at.

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