U.S. Women's Open

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Perrine Delacour

Quick Quotes

Q. How did it go out there today?

PERRINE DELACOUR: Pretty good round compared to -- it was cold this morning, tough course because different wind than when I played it on Thursday.

So pretty solid round. Pretty happy about my game. Now we're going to have to see tomorrow, because I looked at the weather this morning. Doesn't look good.

Going to be tough tomorrow for everybody, so just be patient and enjoy the moment.

Q. How are you going to prepare for tomorrow?

PERRINE DELACOUR: Well, I'm going to practice a little bit and mainly rest, pack, because I'm hopefully going to be able to fly tomorrow night.

Well, tomorrow is going to be hard for everybody, so it's just going to be more about patient and it's going to be a lot of mudball, and probably for every player.

So you just going to have to accept it. We already had some today, so it's just going to accept it and just play with it.

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