U.S. Women's Open

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Hannah Green

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk us through your round today.

HANNAH GREEN: It felt like I was more consistent than what the score showed, but it was pretty tough there. I was saying to my caddie, I don't think I've ever hit so many hybrids into par-4s and par-3s before. The first three holes I had hybrid, so, yeah, it was tough.

Looking at my score I was quite surprised that I'm in the position that I am. Even shooting over par I've gained some strokes on the field.

Q. This is your second time playing a U.S. Open. How did your first chance prepare you for this grueling four days?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, it's so tough. Last year we were battling the heat; this year we're battling the length of golf course and also chilly mornings and some rain, which I hope we can miss tomorrow.

So especially just having two venues. That's been probably the toughest thing, getting to know two courses in such a short amount of time.

But we are really fortunate that the course is set up really well. The USGA do a good job, always make it tough.

So I'm excited for tomorrow see how it all pans out.

Q. What will you do for tomorrow for your final day, especially considering we're supposed to get some weather again?

HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I just saw the that first tee time is 7:45, and I have a feeling I'll be around that time with the draw. So just going to do a little bit of putting and try and get an early dinner and some rest before tomorrow.

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