U.S. Women's Open

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Linn Grant

Quick Quotes

Q. Walk me through your round today.

LINN GRANT: Played all right up until hole No. 10, and then I hit a bad shot. Got in the water. Another bad shot, got in the water again unfortunately.

But, I mean, except that hole I played pretty solid. Had a lot of mud balls though, unfortunately.

But otherwise it was fine.

Q. How did you feel playing in the top group?

LINN GRANT: I mean, it's an experience and it's always good to have in the backpack sort of.

But, I mean, it's not the best position to be in. I feel like I rather be one group behind to chase. But it was an experience.

Q. This is your second U.S. Women's Open. How did the first one prepare you for this weekend?

LINN GRANT: I think like when I played in Alabama we went out in the third round, sort of like this round, sort of a bit unsteady. Today I felt like I just had one bad hole really. That round sort of was mentally pretty heavy, and I think I skipped that this time. Yeah.

Q. So what will you do to prepare for tomorrow?

LINN GRANT: Just do the same thing sort of. Get some good sleep, practice a little, and then come back in the morning.

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