U.S. Women's Open

Monday, December 14, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Gabriela Ruffels

Quick Quotes

Q. So great final round today. I think you made six birdies. Can you just talk us through your round a little bit and I know the split between yesterday and today.

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, I guess I was pretty in the moment, I didn't even realize I had six birdies.

But, yeah, I played pretty well today, I was really, really happy with the round. It was definitely one of the tougher days, conditions-wise, especially this morning it was pretty cold, warmed up a little bit.

But, yeah, super happy overall.

Q. How was it playing like five holes yesterday and then some not great conditions either and then today how was it kind of mentally making that transition from yesterday to today?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, it was definitely you had to be mentally strong coming back from yesterday, but I had a pretty good start yesterday, I think I was 2-under through five holes, made three birdies when I started.

So I knew I had kind of a roll going, but I knew it was going to be tough starting out today, it was going to be pretty cold, and made a few bogeys early, but was happy that I was able to get it back.

Q. What do you take away from the whole week and your experience here at Champions?

GABRIELA RUFFELS: Yeah, it's been awesome. I think I might have come top-15, still not sure yet, still a lot of golf out there, but it was awesome, so much fun.

I feel like any time I can kind of mix it with the pros and know that I can compete against them it's a great week. I feel like I did that this week and just gained a lot of confidence.

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